An Introduction To Real Estate

This is an Introductory overview starter book. It is a compilation of a few important chapters from our 2 advanced books: “An Introduction to Real Estate Investing” and “An Introduction to Property Management”.



In this book, we’ll show you all the elements needed for real estate. First, you need to separate the truths from the myths so you have a clear understanding of the subject before you start to jump onto the boat. Of course, it’s unlikely that you can succeed in this business all by yourself. That’s why we’ll also explain to you who you should partner up with.

In the advanced topics, we’ll show you more complicated concepts in real estate investment as you’re ready to take your investment to the next level. For instance, we will show you the many different ways to make money in real estate.

Once your property is ready to rent, we will show you how to find good tenants. But remember, during your tenant selection, you are obliged to follow any fair housing regulations in your area, which are set to avoid any discrimination. When you finally find someone good to rent your property, you will need to know different aspects and pitfalls in the renting process.

And the most interesting topic of all, we’ll show you how you can invest in real estate without your own money!

As you can see, real estate investment is more than just buy-and-hold; there are a lot more strategies available. But of course, more options also come with more potential for pitfalls. So, after finishing the book, you’ll have the knowledge to devise an investment pathway that suits your own needs and preferences.

CHAPTER 1 – Introduction 

CHAPTER 2 – 10 Myths about Real Estate

  • Myth #1: Real Estate is a short cut to becoming rich
  • Myth #2: Investing in real estate is very risky
  • Myth #3: You have to be wealthy to invest in real estate
  • Myth #4: The Bank is your only option for financing
  • Myth #5: You have to use a Realtor when you buy real estate
  • Myth #6: If you use a Realtor, You cannot talk to the seller directly
  • Myth #7: You need to be a slimeball to profit in the real estate business
  • Myth #8: Everyone is out to take advantage of me
  • Myth #9: Dealing with Tenants is a nightmare
  • Myth #10: You will NEVER find a good deal in real estate
  • Myth #11: There are NO deals on the MLS

 CHAPTER 3 – Members of Your Success Team

  • The “must-have” people in your team
  • Real estate agent or Realtor
  • Legal team members
  • Property/Home inspector
  • Money person/Mortgage Broker
  • Other professionals

CHAPTER 4 – How to Make Money with Real Estate

  • Profit center #1: Immediate equity
  • Profit center #2: Property appreciation
  • Profit center #3: Steady cash flow
  • Profit center #4: Mortgage principal reduction
  • Profit center #5: Financial leverage
  • Profit center #6: Allowable depreciation
  • Profit center #7: Reinvestment possibility


  • Types of Tenants
    • Tenants by Choice
    • Tenants by Necessity
  • Prospecting for Tenants



 CHAPTER 7 – How to Purchase Property with NONE of Your Own Money            

CHAPTER 8 – Using Your RRSP’s to Invest with               

CHAPTER 9 – Private Mortgages

CHAPTER 10 – About the Author           

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